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Core Complete - Nutritional Foundation

Core Complete

 Nutritional Foundation

Fill Your Nutritional Gaps In One Single Package... With No Shopping, Blending, Juicing, or CLEANUP!

Grocery Store Bill: $421
Core Complete is another game changing product from Vasayo! It has increased my energy, greaty affected my hair and nail growth and has helped with my lactose insensitivity.
- Marguerite L
Core Complete is rocking my world. I have a less noisy and calmer stomach, my hair and nails are growing like crazy and my acid reflux is all but GONE.
- Rachel D
- Lost a lung to cancer 15yrs ago since that time I struggled with staying well. Yes, I was always trying new supplements even prescribed from N.D. and or Chinese medicine. In the 3 years of being on Core Complete and Renew I have been sick once.
- Michele S

Eternal - Anti-Oxidant



Look & Feel Younger By Restoring Collagen, Heart Health AND Increasing Your Cellular Lifespan... WITHOUT Any Surgeries!

Grocery Store Bill: $386
"I broke my wrist both bones and displaced them. I had surgery and I now have a titanium plate and 9 screws to attach my hand back to my arm. Here are my Xrays of the plate in my arm, the day my stitches were taken out 5/14 and how my wrist looks on 5/20. Scar is healing quickly and I have alot of motion in my hands. I took Eternal two times a day starting the day of my surgery thanks to Melissa Wojnas. I think it's looking pretty awesome."
- Kimberly W
"I had this pesky rash on my face since December 2018. After months and months trying a million creams prescribed by my Dr., inconclusive blood tests, and even seeing a naturopath with no success, I discovered Vasayo and started taking Core complete right away and noticed a difference in how I felt right away! It wasn’t until I started taking Eternal when I noticed my face calming down and clearing up!"
- Naomi B
"Burned her arm pulling bacon out of the oven. The grease spilled and severely burnt her arm. Doctors said it was 3rd degree burns and that she would need skin grafts. Needless to say that in just two weeks taking Eternal in the morning and at night she will not need any grafting."
- Tiffany

VShake - Plant Based Cocoa

VShake - Cocoa

 Plant-Based Vegan

Enjoy Superior Absorption Of Good Tasting Plant-Based Protein WITHOUT GMO's, SOY, Synthetic Ingredients, or Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors

How to Enjoy: Blend or shake one packet with 6–8 oz. of water and ice first thing in the morning with breakfast or before, during, or after exercise.
  • 8 Vegan Protein Sources
  • Full BCAA Profile
  • ​Non-GMO
  • No Soy
  • No Synthetic Ingredients
  • ​No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors*
  • ​No Gas/Bloating
  • ​Multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies
  • ​Sunflower Seed (Phosphatidylcholine)
  • Lecithin Oil
"The Chocolate Vshake is the best plant-based protein shake I've ever tasted!"
- Tony S
Vegan proteins typically have a heavy, chalky texture and weird taste. Both were light and super yummy! The cocoa plant-based VShake didn't have a weird after-taste at all. They also kept my full longer than any protein I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many). Now I know it worked so well due a complete BCAA profile, maximum liposome absorption, high fiber and zero sugar! This is unlike anything on the market right now!!!
- Courtney S
"Grass Fed Whey and Vegan Option while Keto with VShakes!! I’m soooo happy!!!
- Amy L

VShake - Whey Vanilla

VShake - Vanilla

 Grass-Fed Whey

Enjoy Superior Absorption Of Delicious Creamy Vanilla Grass-Fed Whey Protein WITHOUT GMO's, SOY, Synthetic Ingredients, or Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors

How to Enjoy: Blend or shake one packet with 6–8 oz. of water and ice first thing in the morning with breakfast or before, during, or after exercise.
  • Free-Range Cows Pasture Raised & Grass Fed in New Zealand
  • ​Ethical Certification
  • Casein Free
  • ​Hormone/Antibiotic Free
  • ​No Artificial Sweeteners or Flavors*
  • ​No Gas/Bloating
  • ​Multiple Advanced Delivery Technologies
"Vshake is the best tasting protein shake I’ve experienced. I’m using it to replace meals, lose weight and not compromise my nutrition with a lower quality meal replacement shake. I’m also super excited about the almost total absorption of this product because of the liposome absorption technology."
- Mike M
"This shake tastes AMAZING for a plant-based protein. It's super rare to find something this healthy without tasting like grass. I love VShakes!"
- Ken R
"The Vanilla Whey Vshake tastes exactly like a creamy vanilla milkshake!"
- Tony S

Renew - Joint Health


 Joint Health

Support Your Body’s Inflammatory Response, Cartilage, Joint Function, Increase Flexibility and Mobility, AND Elevate Your Immune System... Without The Prescriptions!

Grocery Store Bill: $185
"My right ear always felt plugged like when you go on airplane. Caused me to have a hard time hearing. After using Renew, I was sitting in a noisy restaurant with my friend to the right. She looked at me and I had a funny expression on my face and she said what’s wrong? To my surprise my blocked feeling was gone and I could hear her as well as her husband across the table."
- Tracy G
"I don't consider myself "old", but I did have a hip that was always out and felt like it needed to pop. Since I've been taking Renew, 4 squirts every morning of this stuff, I can pop it back in easily myself!"
- Michelle S
"My 5 year old had what we thought was Molluscum Contagiosum. We went to a dermatologist who said to treat topically with camphor. So we tried that. The entire visit cost us $163 out of pocket and didn’t help one little bit. I realized that a product I use daily (Renew) might actually help him, too.
Long story short, in less than two weeks, two squirts a day, they’re gone!"
- Jill R

V3- Energy



Enjoy A Long-Lasting Natural Energy By Replenishing Your Body, Brain, And Antioxidant Activity.... 
WITHOUT The Jitters!

Grocery Store Bill: $156
"I use to drink 3 extra large coffee a day this replaces two of them. I used to avoid pre-work out drink. V3 helps keep my goals at the gym while staying hydrated and good feels with the beta blockers paired with endorphins from a gym session."
- Jessica B
"I've been truly blown away by what V3 has done for me, over the last few weeks I've experienced a huge shift with the level of depression I was experiencing. I have one or two per day and I've had almost no hint of depression which includes a level energy that stays with me for the day without feeling a peak then a crash."
- Tami G
"I used to be a coffee addict (3 cups per day, minimum, all day). Within a week I kicked my coffee habit. I didn't have a 3pm crash. I didn't have my heart race. I read that some of the ingredients can act as an appetite suppressant. V3 tweaked a few things in my daily routine which caused a domino effect of healthy habits to follow."
- Kim B

CBD One Cream - THC Free

CBD One Cream


How To Immediately Target Your Pain Naturally... WITHOUT Failing Your Drug Test!

CBD One Cream MAY Help With:
  • Support Immune System
  • Provide Mental Support
  • Support Relaxation
  • Manage Discomfort
  • Increase Concentration
  • Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Support Healthy Skin
  • ​Non-psychoactive - THC FREE
"So, I’m a migraine sufferer.. on prescription meds and everything.. I decided to try the CBD ONE cream on my temples and forehead and back of my neck.. migraine was gone in minutes!!"
- Marina R
"The CBD Creme works amazing well for tendinitis and arthritic pains. It helps me tremendously when my knee pain from tendinitis flairs up."
- Tony S
"The cream is almost too good to be true! I had a knee surgery a year ago and my knee felt worse than before. Pain medications and ice barely helped me. This cream was the only thing that took away my knee pain even after a long day of walking around. It works within minutes and lasts and reactivates all day!!"
- Ashleigh N

CBD One Oil - THC Free

CBD One Oil


How To Fuel Your ENTIRE Body... Without Failing Your Drug Test!

CBD One Oil MAY Help With:
  • Support Immune System
  • Provide Mental Support
  • Support Relaxation
  • Manage Discomfort
  • Increase Concentration
  • Support Cardiovascular Health
  • Support Healthy Skin
  • ​Non-psychoactive - THC FREE
"With the help of CBD oil, in a matter of about 3 months, I’ve been able to completely come off my antidepressants! I was taking 100mg daily for 9 years!! This product has changed my life!"
- Courtney W
"I have LUPUS and the CBD oil has helped during flare ups, especially with joint pain. It also helps me sleep a lot better at night."
- Candice H
"My sister had terrible shooting pains in her arms. They were so bad they would wake her up and she could not drive sometime or work on her computer. She was scheduled for surgery for her carpal tunnel. She started taking CBD oil and renew twice a day and has NO more pain and didn’t need the surgery!"
- Missy S

Beléza - A Complete Skincare System


 A Complete Skincare System

How To Save Time, Money and Look 10 Years Younger... WITHOUT The Injections, Prescriptions Or Quick-Fixes!

The First Liposomal Skincare Line For MAXIMUM ABSOPRTION
  • Apply Dual-Purpose Serum
  • Apply Rejuvenation Cream
  • Apply Hydrating Mist
*May Purchase Separately*
"The results are in.... I am ecstatic. I used the 3 step, non-toxic, clean, Liposomal Beleza regimen for 3 weeks. My dark circles lightened, my laugh lines have softened, and my sunspots are going away. I am beyond excited. I’ve tried everything, invested tons of money, spent accumulated hours applying creams to help stop the inevitable aging process and never have had these results!!!"
- Martha B
"I do want to say that I have EXTREMELY sensitive and oily skin that is prone to redness and breakouts. I could not be more happy with the application. I'm able to use every product of Beleza without any irritation and redness. They haven't caused me to breakout and they aren't making my skin oily at all!"
- Courtney S
"My dark line under my eye is gone, my dark spots have drastically diminished and I’m loving my overall glowing tone and tightness with Beleza!!"
- Laure T

V-Slim- Weight Management


  Weight Managment

Boost Your Metabolism, Curb Your Appetite, Support Your Blood-Sugar Levels, And Promote Your Hormone Balance... WITHOUT Starving Your Body!

Grocery Store Bill: $178
"I was taking Vslim while sick with the flu. Despite how terrible I felt, I did not want to get out of my routine with V-slim. V-slim gave me an energy boost to get some of my daily chores accomplished and even though my stomach was sensitive, and I could barely hold anything down, it worked simply fine I absolutely love it!"
- Tayti A-G
"LOVE V-SLIM as a pre-workout in the morning! I am not a person who can workout fasted. I used to get light-headed and have stomach cramps because I had no fuel in the tank. With vslim my blood sugar level is regulated without an excessive amount of calories from eating a meal before exercise. I no longer feel jittery or light-headed!"
- Tryna G
"VSlim helps curb my appetite better than grabbing a candy bar. And I don't get the sugar crash plus it helps with my fluid intake."
- Chris H

V-Tox- Detoxify



Cleanse Your Liver, Lungs, Colon, Kidneys, Skin, Heavy Metal Toxins, AND Protect from Daily Environmental Pollutants... In One Single Capsule! 

Grocery Store Bill: $246
"I have been on VTOX for just over two weeks. Many people experience side effects with detox’s, luckily I only got a small headache and felt fatigued at times. But the difference I really noticed is when I went to the gym. My level of endurance is something I haven’t had since Lord knows butt and I’m DYING on, I now barely break a sweat and can keep going. It’s insane! I can work out harder and stronger than before. Love this product!!"
- Kimberly B
"After one week into my 2am/2pm VTOX, I not only wasn’t running to the bathroom too frequently, but I had TONS of energy! No sluggishness. I only took V-tox this first week. That was unexpected!"
- Joanna V
"I just had triplets 5 months ago people! Let's focus on how much bloat and inflammation I lost in just 2 weeks with all natural products VTOX that cleansed my skin, lungs, colon, liver and kidneys. I didn't only drink a water/cayenne pepper/honey concoction. I still ate everything I wanted (although I shouldn't have) and I didn't have any typical detox side effects. Two capsules in the morning and two at night. That's it!" 
- Tricia R

Sleep - Natural Rest


  Natural Rest

Fall Asleep Naturally, Reduce Stress, And Awake Energized... WITHOUT All The Preservatives!

Grocery Store Bill: $132
"I have been taking the Sleep Micromist regularly for a couple of weeks now. And it is not only improving my quantity of sleep, but also my quality of sleep. I averaged a little over 5 hours of sleep a night and one hour of REM Sleep each night. After a couple of weeks of taking this, i’m now averaging over 7.5 hours of sleep each night and my REM Sleep has doubled"
- Kimberly B
"I use to toss and turn all night, prior to taking SLEEP. And wake up with headaches and fatigue. Now I wake up refreshed and recharged!"
- Tony S
"I have gone from 37% to 69% of restful sleep over the past 3 nights since I first started using Sleep MicroMyst. Remember, I used to be in that 10-13% range prior to using it. The 23% DIP is amazing too! The DIP is the drop in your waking vs sleeping heart rate. Mine dipped 23% last night which is ABOVE the normal 'good" range (my first one was 10%). Health research suggests that a greater DIP may be better for both your overall and cardiovascular health in years to come."
- Tricia R

Neuro - Brain Health


  Brain Food

Feed Your Brain To Balance Your Mood And Increase Cognitive Function... WITHOUT The Brain Fog!

Grocery Store Bill: $191
"This is HUGE for me. 13 out of 12 from a kid who simply isn’t cut out for the traditional classroom setting of learning. Misdiagnosed with autism at 3, documented diagnosis of ADD, school has been a LONG road to say the least. After 6 weeks of Neuro, the chicken scratches of handwriting is legible and look at the score and the grades! It’s still work, but the struggle and frustration is a bit less. ♥️ Proud mama here."
- Mimi Y
"I give Neuro to my 13 year old. It helps with her depression and mood. She will actually ask for it if she’s struggling. My daughter had a very bad concussion and she said the only thing that was helping was Neuro!"
- Cindy H
"I have been taking Neuro for a little over a year now. I thought it was going to be very difficult to identify results or not. Personally, I notice my concentration level has gotten better and my short-term memory has improved. Take it before bedtime for optimum benefit."
- Bob L

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